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Founder's Experience as a Consulting Biostatistician for 36 Adaptive Trial Designs, Experience from 150+ Clinical Trials, & Details on Qualifications

(A) Founder's Adaptive Clinical Trial Design related Experience:

(B) Founder's Qualifications and Additional Experience

  • Ph.D. 1988 in Design of Experiments, University of Reading, U.K.

  • 28 Years Total Experience as a Biostatistician

  • 21 Years Experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Worked as a Consulting Biostatistician or Team Biostatistician on 150+ Studies in Numerous Indications

  • Vice-President & World-Wide Head of Quintiles' Strategic Biostatistics Unit until 2007 where also provided Statistical Consulting on Adaptive Trial Design and other cutting edge clinical trial design or analysis methods

  • Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (Chartered Statistician), Member of the American Statistical Association, Member of the Drug Information Association, Member of the Biometric Society, Member of the Society for Clinical Trials

  • Frequent Representation of Clients in Meetings with Regulators

  • Predictive Biomarkers: Presenter & Session Chair at DIA 2011 Annual meeting

    • New approaches to Identify Predictive Biomarkers, particularly for Oncology, currently under active development by Founder

  • Currently Serving on multiple Data Monitoring Committees

  • Due Diligence assessments for potential investors: Provided biostatistical component of these assessments on approximately 15 occasions


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